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            R&D Awards

            • Medal of Postdoctoral Innovation Center

            • High-tech Enterprise Certificate

            • Medal for the leader in innovation and entrepreneurship in the Guangzhou Development Zone

            • Tuberculosis project won the self-made medal of science and technology award

            • Research and Development Agency Medal

            Advanced laboratory

            • Leide medical laboratory

            • Immunoassay R&D lab

            • Class 10,000 cell preparation cleanroom

            • Class 10,000 cell preparation cleanroom

            Advance Production Instruments

            • BD FACS Canto Flow cytometer

            • BD?Accuri?C6 Flow cytometer

            • GE AKTA pure L1 Protein purification system

            • Luminex 200 High-throughput liquid phase chip detection system

            • Spectramax M3 Multifunctional reader

            • TANON-1600 Fully automatic digital gel imaging system

            Official WeChat
            Service hotline:
            +86 20 82113921

            Add:7D, Science & Technology Innovation Base, #80 Lanyue Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, P.R.China